24 Secret Service Agents & Counting: Biden’s Dogs Just Keep Biting

Krasula / shutterstock.com
Krasula / shutterstock.com

Commander is the German Shepherd that belongs to the Biden family. Well, at least he did, but Joe and Jill were finally forced to give the dog to relatives after he bit his 24th Secret Service agent. The fact that the dog was allowed to bite this many people before being removed from the White House is more than a little alarming.

The most recent attack was so horrific that tours to the East Wing were temporarily halted so that they could mop blood off the floors.

German Shepherds are some of the most loyal and well-behaved breeds. It’s why they are so effective in the role of police dogs, guard dogs, and more. They are highly intelligent and can easily be trained. When they are vicious, it usually means that they are being abused – and that means that Joe is likely the abuser.

Dog attacks have been surfacing from the White House since Biden first took office. Commander wasn’t the only dog to take a bite out of a few Secret Service agents. Their other German Shepherd, Major, had a similar history. It makes you wonder what kind of sociopath Joe Biden is based on how he must obviously be treating his dogs.

Major was rehomed in 2021 after the dog had attacked agents every day for a solid week.

Now, it’s Commander’s turn to leave the White House.

Let’s hope that we don’t hear about Biden getting another dog.