A New St. Patrick’s Day for Staten Island


St. Patrick’s Day is a time for everyone with even a pinch of Irish to celebrate. And for those without even a pinch, it’s a time to pretend. However, it’s about being Irish, nothing more.

And yet, Democratic Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has decided that there needs to be two parades. However, it’s not to ensure that the city gets to embrace its Irish heritage just a bit further. Nope, it’s to ensure that the LGBTQ community gets another holiday to celebrate.

Confused? So are most of the people in Staten Island, where the parades are supposed to happen.

Adams wants to let the actual St. Patrick’s Day parade take place on March 2, which makes no sense since the holiday is on March 17.

Then, the second parade, which will be LGBTQ-based, will be held on the actual holiday.

It’s all part of being “all-inclusive.”

Yet, that doesn’t make sense. In order to be inclusive, everyone should celebrate together, on the holiday. Shoving those who don’t want the LGBTQ agenda shoved down their throat to another date entirely is most certainly not inclusive.

Larry Johnson, the founder of the actual holiday’s parade, made a comment to the Irish Voice back in 2018 regarding the LGBTQ community getting involved.

“Our parade is for Irish heritage and culture. It is not a political or sexual identification parade…Here’s the deal, it’s a nonsexual identification parade and that’s that. No, they are not marching. Don’t try to keep asking a million friggin’ questions, OK?”

This is just another way for Adams to show that he’s bending over backward for the LGBTQ community. Unfortunately, he’s insulting everyone else.

It’s moves like this that will invite the snakes back onto the island.