Another Year, Another Walt Disney World Price Hike


Not even a quarter of the way into the 2024 calendar, and Walt Disney World (WDW) is already projecting that they need to be raking in more money come 2025. Not announced formally, it just appeared when the 2025 ticket days were recently released. Naturally, the Disney faithful noticed the changes pretty quickly.

On the low end of the changes, single park tickets for Magic Kingdom rose by $5 per day on their busiest days, with other parks like Animal Kingdom surged $10 per ticket during slower times. A similar rate increase was also seen on the park-hopper tickets. With 24k people visiting Animal Kingdom per day, those prices add up quickly. Even if just 10% of the visitors are purchasing single park tickets, that’s an extra $24,000 extra per day, and over $8,000,000 more per year in revenue.

No longer the affordable, family-friendly, and safe park Walt Disney once envisioned, WDW is incredibly crowded. Largely flooded by foreign tour groups who often lack any kind of decency or what’s appropriate, families can’t walk through without seeing aggressive forms of PDA.

The LGBTQ community has flocked to the part of the Gay Days the park enacted in 2023. Done to pivot against Gov. Ron DeSantis’s attempts to keep kids from being exposed to child porn and grossly inappropriate drag queen story time, the park is milking it for all they can. This resulted in a surge in attendance, considering their decision to be a safe haven for their immoral actions.

WDW has fully leaned into its status as being the headquarters theme park for anyone who claims they are a victim of any kind of “-ism.” They have removed long-standing rides like Splash Mountain because of its ties to a controversial movie like Song of the South because the film doesn’t make the South ugly. Chirping after the liberal anti-nuclear family would have Walt spinning in his grave. His family should be ashamed.