Biden Campaign So Desperate It’s Joining TikTok Despite Federal Device Ban

XanderSt /
XanderSt /

Over the past few years or decades, the word Democrats has become synonymous with hypocrites. Why? Well, because they keep doing the exact thing they say they won’t or the same thing they tell you not to do – sometimes both.

This is one of those examples.

Remember when Biden and his administration banned the use of social media video app TikTok on all federal devices?

It was done via legislation in December of 2022. And to be sure, it’s one of the few legislations that Biden and his crew of miscreants have done that has benefitted America.

And yet, when it comes to his own needs or agenda, it seems not even federal law will keep him from it.

That’s exactly what his campaign essentially told the world on Monday when they announced they had begun a campaign account for the Biden/Harris ticket.

As of Monday afternoon, the new Biden-Harris HQ TikTok account had made three posts, undoubtedly all in the hopes of drumming up some votes among the younger viewers of the Chinese-owned social media platform.

Now, of course, a statement was made by Biden’s campaign advisers that this won’t really change anything else:

“The campaign will continue meeting voters where they are, innovating to create content that will resonate with critical audiences and the core constituencies that make up the president’s diverse and broad coalition of voters.”

Additionally, the campaign says that they will be “taking advanced safety precautions around our devices and incorporating a sophisticated security protocol to ensure security.”

If you remember correctly, the whole reason the platform was banned from federal devices in the first place was because of its unique ties to communist China and its lack of security. Apparently, it was just too dangerous to be had on federal devices where other information could potentially be hacked or accessed by the Chinese.

Yet, because Biden is lacking in… well, just about everything (polls, primaries, approval ratings, etc.), they are getting desperate. Desperate enough to break their own rules and break federal law.

As I said, the very definition of hypocrites…