Biden Consulting with Past Presidents from Beyond the Grave Could Spell Victory For Trump

lev radin /
lev radin /

Things are not looking well for President Joe Biden. Concerns are mounting over Biden’s fitness for office, underscored by recent polls indicating a lead for Donald Trump. A main point of contention is Biden’s apparent health decline, marked by a series of public missteps and verbal gaffes that have earned him nicknames like Clumsy Joe, Sleepy Joe, Forgetful Joe, and Confused Joe. These incidents raise serious questions about his capacity to lead, often bringing a new concern to the forefront each week.

The last folly came on Sunday while addressing a crowd in Las Vegas. President Joe Biden made an unusual reference to a meeting with François Mitterrand, the former French President who passed away almost three decades ago. This slip came amidst Biden’s warnings about the dangers of a second Trump term as he attempted to drum up Democratic support in Nevada.

In his address, Biden recounted a discussion with French President Emmanuel Macron at a G7 summit in England. He mistakenly invoked Mitterrand’s name instead of Macron’s and incorrectly stated Mitterrand’s nationality as German before correcting himself.

“I sat down and declared, ‘America is back,'” Biden recounted. He mistakenly referred to Mitterrand, saying, “And Mitterrand from Germany – I mean from France – looked at me and asked…” before pausing and adding, “Well, how long are you back for?”

François Mitterrand was the President of France from 1981 to 1995. He passed away in 1996. Social media quickly seized this error, highlighting concerns over Biden’s mental acuity.

Additionally, Biden mentioned an inquiry from the “chancellor of Germany” regarding how Biden would react if, in a hypothetical scenario, thousands stormed the British House of Commons and murdered two “bobbies,” or British police officers, to prevent the election of a prime minister.

Adding to the concerns, last week, Biden’s speech delivery raised eyebrows online when he seemed to struggle with his words during a campaign event. The President was caught on video fumbling and mixing up his words at the end of a perplexing statement, saying, “Don’t mess with the women of America unless you want to get the benefit.”

Such episodes contribute to growing skepticism regarding his age and cognitive health, despite a 2023 health report from Dr. Kevin O’Connor describing him as fit for presidential duties. However, given his recent apparent lapses, questions about potential changes in his health are becoming more prevalent.

A recent survey found that 77% of Americans believe Biden, at his age, is unsuitable for another presidential term. In contrast, 51% expressed the same concern for Donald Trump, who is 77 years old.

Public opinion reflects these concerns, with a significant majority questioning Biden’s suitability for another term due to his age, in stark contrast to perceptions of Donald Trump. Nikki Haley’s comments on recognizing when to step down resonate with many people in the U.S., particularly given Biden’s status as the oldest President in U.S. history.

Should Biden secure re-election, he would begin his 2nd term at 82 years of age. Per the National Institutes of Health (NIH), men within the top 1% income bracket have a life expectancy of 87.3 years. Consequently, completing his term would bring Biden near this age threshold.

Questions about his survival of a full term without health issues are not unfounded, especially considering observations of his unsteady movements, which could indicate a balance disorder—a condition linked to increased mortality risks. According to the NIH, people with balance disorder were at a higher risk of death from all causes, including cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Every misstep Biden makes, every moment of confusion he sows, each stumble he takes, every instance he nods off, or even claims to have engaged with those long gone, edges Trump one step closer to reclaiming the Oval Office. No one should desire a President who, due to infirmity, is unable to ensure the security and economic stability of the United States.