Biden Forced Amazon To Muzzle COVID Truth Tellers

The House Judiciary Committee recently discovered that President Biden was using his position to influence what Amazon was pushing to people with questions about COVID-19. Specifically, his administration wanted anything from skeptics to be snuffed out. Corresponding with the conglomerate between March 2nd and 12th with a meeting on the 9th, they stayed in frequent contact to try and come to a resolution.

Eventually, this resulted in Amazon’s refusal to promote any book they were selling that was anti-vaccine in nature.

White House Senior Advisor for the Covid response Andy Slavitt had the balls to directly ask Amazon, “Who can we talk to about the high levels of propaganda and misinformation and disinformation [on] Amazon?” on March 2nd. In another email the same day he whined about the results of the word “vaccines” produced on Amazon, as well as the lack of a CDC “warning” on vaccine books.

In an email from March 2nd, Amazon officials commented that they were worried about public perception from removing such books. On the 9th, that feeling went from concern to asking, “Is the [Biden] Admin asking us to remove books, or are they more concerned about search results/order (or both)?” via email. By March 12th, they admitted via email that they were feeling exceptionally pressured to censor the books by the White House.

Another email from March 12th said the company ultimately was “enabl[ing] Do Not Promote for anti-vax books whose primary purpose is to persuade readers vaccines are unsafe or ineffective on 3/9, and will review additional handling options for these books with you.”

For years now, we have known the Biden administration was hiding or at least glossing over the truth behind COVID. Documents from the House Judiciary Committee showed that in April 2021 the White House shifted its focus to YouTube. They wanted to force them to censor what they called “disinformation” that ultimately wound up being true, just like they did with Facebook/Instagram, aka Meta.