Biden Hammers Christian Schools with Massive Fine

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Remember when Donald Trump said Biden would attack Christianity and persecute its followers? I don’t know how you could not believe it when the Biden administration is fining Christian colleges $14 million a piece.

According to The Associated Press, the Department of Education has recently come down hard on a few schools, fining them outrageous amounts for apparently violating campus safety agreements.

Liberty University, based in Virginia, is one such school.

As the AP reports, the Department has fined them a whopping $14 million fine and another $2 million is required to pay for campus safety improvement. Additionally, the school will have to undergo another two years of post-agreement monitoring.

The fines come after the Department concluded a seven-year assessment of the school’s safety policies and crime on the campus between 2016 and 2022.

According to the Department, Liberty has violated the Clery Act, which requires colleges to report all crimes that take place on campus. In particular, it claims that the school has ignored and downplayed the number of sexual assault complaints during the years in question.

The report says, “The Department has determined that victims of sexual crime that occur on the University’s Clery Geography are often fearful of reporting their incidents. For instance, the Department has found that numerous victims of sexual assault have been reluctant to speak up about their assaults because of fear of reprisal.”

The report also claimed that the school ended up punishing the victims of such assaults rather than the assailants.

Now, if this is indeed going on at the school, consequences should be levied.

But as most of us have unfortunately come to realize, the reporting of sexual assault is widely problematic nationwide and for the very same reasons. Far too many victims never report being assaulted for fear of reprisal. Or they are simply too embarrassed about it.

And since the report came out and those years in question, the school has made a number of changes.

In fact, it’s been reported that it has spent an already enormous $10 million on safety-related improvements alone for the campus since 2022.

But Biden still wants to fine them $14 million.

Besides, as the college said, the investigation they were suspected of was very much unlike all others the Department historically carries out.

“Many of the Department’s methodologies, findings, and calculations in the report were drastically different from their historic treatment of other universities. Liberty disagrees with this unfair treatment.”

Of course, Liberty is not the only Christian university to be treated as such by the Biden administration.

In fact, Arizona’s Grand Canyon University was hit with an even bigger fine, a historical $37.7 million, and an upcoming FTC investigation.

Both colleges are noted to be the largest Christian schools in the US. And yet, they are the only ones Biden is harassing. Is it any wonder?