Biden’s TikTok Decision is Disastrous Already

If you haven’t heard, the Biden campaign has officially joined TikTok. But things aren’t exactly going as planned…

No doubt the move was made in a desperate attempt to win the hearts and minds of the millions of young woke voters, who are already prone to lean Democratic. However, it’s turning out to be a complete disaster.

For starters, quite a few have pointed out that it was the Biden administration itself that implemented legislation in December of 2022 banning all federal employees from using the Chinese-owned app on federal devices. It’s just too risky.

And yet, Biden’s campaign is now doing just that. Talk about a rule for thee but not for me.

Another major problem the campaign has already seen is that most of those young, woke voters don’t actually like Biden’s policies, especially his current stance on the Israel/Gaza conflict.

You see, many on the far left are pro-Palestine and pro-Hamas. In fact, only 15 percent of registered voters among the 18-34 age range approve of how Biden is handling Israel. So, Biden’s current support of Israel, or at least the lack of all-out condemnation of the democratic Middle Eastern nation, is beyond repulsive to them.

Recent comments on Biden’s TikTok account are plagued with “Butcher Biden” phrasing, Palestinian flag emojis, and questions about Rafah, the Gaza Strip, and more.

Of course, there are also more than a few regarding “Sleepy Joe” and his cognitive abilities, such as “8 hrs edited down to 30 seconds” and “had to wake him up for this one.”

And then, there is the actual cringe-worthiness of the posts themselves. I mean, this is a platform usually frequented and performed on by those much younger. Biden is 81 and not a young 81, either.

Needless to say, the platform is not panning out to be all that the campaign imagined it could be for Biden’s reelection bid. In fact, it might be just another nail in the coffin of Biden’s career.