Crisis in the White House: Hunter’s Pal Turns on Biden, Confirms Shady Dealings

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In the ongoing drama surrounding Joe Biden’s alleged influence-peddling, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Rob Walker, recently made bold claims that Joe was never involved in their business dealings. However, a closer look at Walker’s testimony reveals a web of contradictions, raising serious questions about the credibility of his statements and strengthening the case against Joe Biden.

In a closed-door interview with the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, Walker adamantly denied Joe Biden’s involvement in any business activities. He insisted that Hunter always maintained a clear boundary between his business endeavors and his father during Biden’s tenure in office and afterward.

However, Walker’s assertions quickly crumbled under scrutiny when confronted with his previous statements during a criminal probe into Hunter Biden’s dealings. In a recorded conversation with FBI agents in December 2020, Walker acknowledged that Joe Biden had attended meetings with CEFC, the Chinese Communist-connected energy company, contradicting his later denial.

The suspicion surrounding the Biden investigation deepens when considering the revelation that someone tipped off the Biden presidential transition team about impending interviews with witnesses. This advance notice hindered the investigators’ ability to conduct surprise interviews, which whistleblower and IRS Special Agent Gary Shapley noted led to less candid responses from witnesses.

During the recent House interview, Walker downplayed vital documents and emails, including the infamous “10 held by H for the Big Guy?” email discussing the allocation of proceeds from a deal with Chinese investors. Despite evidence to the contrary, Walker dismissed the email as hypothetical and unimportant, casting doubt on the transparency of their business dealings.

Even when pressed about Hunter’s reference to Joe as “my chairman,” Walker’s explanations remained inconsistent. While he initially confirmed that Hunter referred to his father as the chairman, Walker later wavered, attributing his earlier affirmation to the late-night timing of the message and Hunter’s alleged addiction issues.

The skepticism surrounding Walker’s testimony doesn’t stand alone, as other witnesses like Devon Archer have already affirmed Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s business operations. Additionally, banking records discovered by the House and Senate further support the flow of funds from Hunter’s questionable dealings into Joe Biden’s bank account, including a substantial amount from the Chinese energy company CEFC.

In light of these revelations, Walker’s attempt to distance Joe Biden from the controversy appears incredulous. The transcript of his testimony, available to the public, must do more to dispel the mounting evidence against the President. No amount of spin can erase the banking records that connect Hunter’s pay-to-play operations to Joe Biden’s financial accounts. As the tangled web unravels, the credibility of the Biden business saga continues to crumble.