Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Care If It’s Election Season, She Wants Taxes Raised Now

Rich Koele / Shutterstock.com
Rich Koele / Shutterstock.com

In yet another misguided attempt to redistribute wealth, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is pushing forward with her ill-conceived plan to hike taxes on America’s job creators – namely, big businesses. This comes despite mounting evidence that such measures only serve to burden working-class citizens further.

The liberal senator seems oblivious to reality, insisting that massive corporations will somehow magically absorb increased taxation without passing the buck to everyday consumers through price inflation. Newsflash, Senator Warren: companies don’t bear the brunt of tax hikes; you do!

As part of her tired rhetoric, Warren claimed,

“At the end of the 2025 tax reform process, large corporations must pay higher taxes. A typical billionaire must pay a higher tax rate than a typical middle-class family. Wealthy tax cheats must be sweating because the IRS has enough money to enforcement.”

One wonders how disconnected one needs to be from economic realities to genuinely believe wealthy individuals won’t find ways around the system while ordinary folk foot the bill.

Furthermore, Warren took aim at former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama over past tax reforms, stating,

“Look at the Bush tax cuts. Why did those cuts cost $8 trillion? Because his Democratic successor, President Obama, cut a deal with Republicans to make nearly all of Bush’s temporary cuts permanent.”

Meanwhile, back in the real world, President Donald J. Trump championed pro-growth policies, including historic tax reductions under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. In stark contrast to Warren’s regressive ideology, Trump recently vowed, “Instead of a Biden tax increase, I will deliver a Trump middle class tax cut.”

It appears some leaders actually prioritize putting cashback into hardworking taxpayers’ pockets rather than padding government coffers. As history shows time and again, hiking corporate taxes merely leads to reduced competitiveness, lost jobs, and yes, even steeper prices for average Joe. Will moderates finally awaken to this harsh truth before falling prey to progressive fantasies?

Time will tell whether common sense prevails or ideological zealotry wins out. One hopes sanity returns soon, lest we succumb to the whims of ivory-tower idealists hell-bent on dismantling free-market prosperity.