Eric Swalwell’s Spending is a Perfect Example of Rules for Thee But Not For Me

Phil Pasquini /
Phil Pasquini /

Eric Swalwell is a Democratic hypocrite. He loves to point to the GOP when something goes wrong. Though, he should be looking at what he’s doing before he dares to point the finger. It seems that much of his campaign cash is being spent living the most luxurious life possible.

The “Swalwell for Congress” campaign saw hundreds of thousands of dollars being used on travel expenses, indulgent dinners, and luxury spas amid the midterm elections in an intriguing twist during one of America’s most pivotal political stages. The spending not only caught the eye of concerned constituents, contributors, and voters but also raised several eyebrows within the national political realm.

According to publicly available financial reports filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), over $350,000 was dedicated towards domestic and international travel expenses, accommodations, and ground transportation services in the period between July 2021 and October 2022. Some notable locations where expenses were recorded include high-end hotels like Aman New York and Peninsula Shanghai as part of the trip itineraries. In addition to these, Swalwell’s entourage also spent over $30,000 at luxurious airport lounges accessible by frequent flyers, often boasting amenities such as spa treatments or fine dining options.

In what has been deemed ‘extravagant expenditure,’ Eric Swalwell’s committee also footed bills at some of the nation’s most expensive restaurants—amounting to over $200,000. Cafés like Jean-Georges Beverly Hills ($390.00 average per person meals) and Aubergine Carmel ($800 minimum charge per person) are among those counted as part of their summed total. These expenses have drawn attention to the potential mismanagement and questionable use of campaign funds for personal leisure costs.

As uncovered through records from FEC, the Swalwell campaign’s expenditures include wellness services at high-end facilities. Approximately $63,500 was allocated towards luxury spa experiences. Examples cited here range from California’s posh Golden Door to spas in Hawaii, such as Aroma Pure Grace Spa at Prince Waikiki Hotel. While these might appear to be innocuous recreational indulgences under normal circumstances, many critics perceive them to be blatant misappropriations of campaign funds meant to focus primarily on engaging the local community and promoting the candidate rather than pampering an elected official.

Responding to the controversy generated by these shocking revelations, spokespersons for Swalwell defended this apparent lavish spending by arguing that they adhere to campaign finance laws, emphasizing that the funds were designated to ensure public outreach efforts run smoothly and secure victories across different election cycles. While pointing out that contributions provided significant value by supporting important communications initiatives, meeting constituents personally, and fostering long-lasting relations, the statement from Swalwell’s camp failed to provide evidence supporting the claimed efficiency and significance of this particular spending spree.

What will happen next? While the House Ethics Manual allows campaign funds to be used for attending campaigns and political events, and the FEC allows members to use funds to pay for travel related to political events, it’s obvious that Swalwell is going above and beyond. He’s living the poshest lifestyle possible – and all with the help of campaign dollars.

It shows just how corrupt the system is that this is even happening. Now, we have to wait to see if he’ll face any consequences. Considering that he’s a Democrat, it’s likely that he’ll get away with it. After all, they are famous for embracing the “rules for thee but not for me” motto.