FBI Taught Agents Pro-Lifers Are More Dangerous Than Islamic Terrorists

Dzelat / shutterstock.com
Dzelat / shutterstock.com

The extreme radicalization that transformed the FBI into the Democrat Party’s personal Gestapo did not happen overnight. It started years ago under Barack Obama, according to a former FBI agent-turned-whistleblower. That former agent, Steve Friend, says that he was taught by his superiors back in 2014 that pro-life Americans are a more dangerous threat to the US than Islamic terrorists.

While he was in training at the FBI Academy back in 2014, Friend says, “We were shown a video that was produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

Friend adds that the SPLC video “ranked people who oppose abortion, pro-life activists, as a greater threat than Islamists.”

The SPLC is a “non-profit” organization that functions as a Democrat Party super PAC. For decades, the SPLC has raised money by sending out direct mail pitches to frightened liberal women about the scary right-wingers in the country. It publishes an annual “hate list” that labels anyone as conservative as Mitt Romney as a Nazi white supremacist KKK militia terrorist who wants to overthrow the world after they finish lynching all minorities. They’re not subtle.

The SPLC’s business model has been extremely profitable. It’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars over the years by scaring liberals into thinking that some vast right-wing terrorist conspiracy is on the verge of taking over. It’s now been a decade since the FBI under Barack Obama tried to indoctrinate new agents with SPLC training materials. Every American should be concerned that the SPLC’s materials are still being used to train new agents.

Back in 2012, the SPLC’s insane “hate list” rankings caused a terrorist attack at the offices of the Family Research Council in Washington, DC. The SPLC had listed the Family Research Council and Chick-fil-A on its “hate list” for their opposition to gay marriage. A man named Floyd Lee Corkins decided to do something about it.

Corkins’ plot involved smuggling a gun into the Family Research Council’s offices in a bag of Chick-fil-A sandwiches. He planned to kill as many people as possible and then smear the sandwiches on their bodies. When he walked into the building, Corkins shot a black staffer in the arm (one of those African American white supremacists), who then proceeded to beat Corkins up and take the gun away from him. Fortunately, no one was killed in the terrorist attack that the SPLC caused.

That same Southern Poverty Law Center is supplying the FBI with training materials to this day. Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and James Lankford (R-OK) are demanding that the FBI stop using any training materials from what is obviously a partisan hate group. It was the SPLC that labeled parents’ rights organizations like Moms for Liberty as domestic extremist groups in 2022.

That happened right before the FBI started targeting parents at school board meetings. The FBI also cited the SPLC right before it began targeting traditional Catholics and sending spies to infiltrate churches across the country.

Senators Grassley and Lankford sent a letter to the FBI demanding that, “The FBI should not lend credibility to an organization that labels traditional values as ‘hate.’” They added that “any use of SPLC data by the FBI” is “inappropriate and should be stopped immediately.”

We all know that won’t happen. The rot at the FBI is now too systemic and it has too much blackmail material on too many Members of Congress. That’s why Republicans in Congress continue to increase funding for the FBI every election cycle, even as the FBI increasingly targets regular Americans as domestic extremists.