Iran Shows Off Stockpile of Kamikaze Drones

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A new report from Iranian state TV, PressTV, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has recently “taken delivery of sophisticated homegrown kamikaze and combat unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), featuring state-of-the-art technologies suitable for operations against enemy targets.”

Announced on February 21st, commanders joined up the day before for a delivery ceremony of the latest Shahed-131 and Ababil-5 drones.

The Shahed platform is the Kamikaze or suicide mission drone of the IRGC. Designed to fly low and fast, they stay below the radar and strike with no plans to escape. Crashing into the target, they are incredibly difficult to identify, track, and intercept. As part of their unveiling, Iranian officials showed simulated demonstrations of the drone taking out an Israeli nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile, the Ababil model is akin to the Predator drone of the US military. Carrying six missiles or bombs, it has a range of just under 300 miles. Previous reports from Iran have claimed they were able to shadow a missile destroyer without being detected, and their payload capabilities and maneuverability are reported to be on par with those of the best Predators in the US arsenal. With retractable landing gear, the radar signature is even smaller than previous lines.

With the display of new arms, it’s evident that sanctions from Biden’s US Treasury Department in early February were completely ineffective. Despite targeting their ballistic missile and UAV programs, specifically with Chinese firms accused of providing Iran with enhanced pieces to their IAV, Iran is still doing whatever it wants.

Until the US has leadership who is willing to stand up to Iran they will continue supplying the non-government rebellion groups like the Houthis, Hamas, and other Islamic-based groups. This demonstration is proof that a firm response is long overdue.