Most Americans Agree Biden Is Wasting Their Tax Dollars

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Despite the Biden administration’s assumptions that everyone likes living under his tyranny, many Americans are tired of being broke. They are tired of watching their dollar not go as far while their wages stay stagnant. With the government taking a bigger chunk of their income than in years past, it’s getting even harder to enjoy life successfully.

Now a joint study from the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy and the Associated Press-NORC shows that less than 25% of Americans feel they get good value from their tax dollar. A majority also are unwilling to pay even more, even if it means they get more from their tax dollar. 50% would rather see the obvious solution of lower taxes and getting more for their dollar. When it comes to state taxes, 43% would rather pay less and receive less, and the same goes for their property taxes.

Roughly two-thirds of respondents consider their federal income taxes, state sales taxes, and local property taxes to be too high. A smooth 60% call income taxes under Biden “unfair,” with 59% sharing the same sentiment for property taxes and 52% saying the same about state sales tax.

David Sterrett, a principal research scientist with the AP-NORC Center, spoke with The Hill about the study. “Whether it is local, state, or federal taxes, most people want lower taxes and are skeptical of the value they receive from these taxes. Many people view these taxes as unfair and believe they are most burdensome on middle-income families.”

It’s not hard to see why people are tired of these taxes. Across the nation, we are being flooded with illegal immigrants and awash with foreign drugs via the cartels. Cars drive on poorly maintained roads, we pay too much in taxes for “upkeep,” and our gas taxes are beyond laughable. At every step of the game, we are being taxed. Do you make an income? Taxes. Did you buy new clothes? Tax time. Now you need to repair that vehicle from the horrible roads? Don’t forget 1.3%-7.9% in taxes, plus state environmental fees.

For a nation founded with the idea of “No taxation without representation,” the people who speak on our behalf on our tax laws sure aren’t representing our best interests.