Oddest Sports Competition: Florida Man Games

Bits And Splits / shutterstock.com
Bits And Splits / shutterstock.com

We’ve all heard about the various things that Florida Man does. When Florida Man strikes, it splashes the headlines because it’s not only amusing but also has us wondering why that was even done in the first place.

This past Saturday in St. Augustine, Florida, there was the first-ever Florida Man Games. Men from all over the state showed up in cutoff shorts and tank tops and were ready for the ultimate throwdown.

Don’t expect Olympic-level competitions. Instead, it involved such things as reptile wrangling and drinking beer.

The event was promoted as “the most insane athletic showdown on Earth.” It’s clear that they decided to lean into the insanity that surrounds Florida Man in the news on a regular basis.

The first event involved eating a plate filled with sausage and barbecue pork, and that went to James Gordon of DeLand.

Others participated in dueling inside an inflatable pool, while others had to sumo wrestle while holding pitchers of beer.

In true Florida Man fashion, there was even an event that involved running from sheriff deputies – and apparently, the local police force was happy to be able to participate.

For those who didn’t wish to partake in the games, spectators could watch at the cost of $45 per ticket. As one spectator commented, they drove 180 miles “to watch stupidity occur on the grandest, most spectacular scale.”

Based on the photos and comments all over social media, there’s no way that this will be the last event of its kind. So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to win the title of “Florida Man,” you might want to start your beer chugging or your reptile wrestling now.