Of Course, House Dems Refuse to Condemn Biden’s Open Border Policies

Matt Smith Photographer / shutterstock.com
Matt Smith Photographer / shutterstock.com

With an ongoing immigration/border crisis the likes of which our nation has never seen before, it’s only natural that Congress is working hard to solve the problem. Like any issue, the first step is identifying the problem.

On Wednesday, that’s exactly what the House of Representatives did.

Basically, they blamed Biden’s administration and the “open border policies” he’s implemented. Hell, they even put the matter to a vote, officially condemning the policies that the Biden regime has put in place involving immigration and our border security.

It shouldn’t be a shock to any of us that the measure, known as Resolution 957, passed.

It also shouldn’t be a surprise that every single Republican, plus 14 Democrats, voted for it. After all, the problems at our borders are not partisan ones, and as recent events have proved affect all Americans, no matter their political preference.

Of course, the rest of the Democrats, a whopping 187 of them, voted no. Well, except for 13, who chose not to vote.

Now, again, this shouldn’t really take anyone by surprise. After all, Democrats are quite known for their loyalty.

But as this vote just proved, that loyalty could very well be their downfall.

As the resolution stated, Biden’s policies have created quite a mess for the US.

According to CBP data, “more than 100,000 illegal aliens along the southwest border” are let into the US under Biden per month. Since Biden took the White House, over 7 million illegals have been encountered at the border, with at least 3.3 of them being released to roam the US at will.

There are also “more than 1.7 million known illegal alien ‘gotaways’ (who) have successfully evaded the US Border Patrol” and 312 illegals on the Terrorist Screening Dataset.

And that’s just the beginning of the charges against Biden.

Yet, 187 Democrats just voted not to denounce the policies that have allowed this. They do know that this means they are in favor of those policies that clearly aren’t working and even more clearly posing a threat to the US, right?

Suffice it to say, their loyalty just put them all in a rather tough spot. It doesn’t look good to have Congress members voting for failing policies… not at all.