Officials Finally Tell Biden American Troops Are at Risk if They Build a Pier in Gaza

Rokas Tenys /
Rokas Tenys /

President Joe Biden thinks he has it all figured out for fixing the problems with getting aid through to Gaza and the people stuck there. Both to those being held hostage and those who simply cannot escape the violence. With liberals insisting it is the Israeli government preventing the aid from reaching Gaza, he decided to jump on that theory and concoct an idea: the US could build a floating pier, and with frequently moving transports, aid could be shipped in.

Now, officials are telling him the major problems with that construction and operation, and one official shared that truth with NBC News. “Someone could tuck a bomb on a truck with a timer or remote detonator and cause a catastrophe.”

With the idea of the US Navy building the pier miles offshore, civilian ships would pull up, dock, and then offload. From there, they would be loaded onto trucks and driven onto US Army boats (shocking the Army has boats, eh?), and then they would be ferried onto a fixed dock in Gaza the US Army is building.

Doing this without the US military putting boots down in Gaza is already a gargantuan idea. One that should have never left the drawing broad. From a simple risk mitigation perspective, this is a horrible move to undertake, and it will do little besides jeopardize the safety of our troops in the Middle East.

Just looking at their historically bad planning, it is easy to see that the Democratic party does not give a good Goddamn about our troops. Especially Joe Biden. Despite having his son Beau die from cancer just three years after coming home safely from a deployment, he only brings up veterans to discuss his son. He doesn’t understand what he is asking from these troops, nor what level of suicide mission he is signing them up for with this.