Psaki Rages at Media for Covering Mental Decline of Her Former Boss

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claudia veja images /

You may remember that when Jen Psaki left her position as Joe Biden’s White House press secretary for one as a journalist and pundit for NBC News, she promised that she would be impartial. In fact, she vowed she was “not going on television to be a mouthpiece,” presumably for the liberal left or her former boss.

However, some comments made by her on Sunday seem to prove she’s broken that promise.

As you likely know, a report came out last week pretty much proving Biden to be incompetent. At least that was the reason special counsel Robert Hur gave for not recommending that Biden be charged with the same crimes as his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Both have been found with so-called “classified” documents in their personal possession, which is a crime. Biden made a huge deal out of it when Trump was found with such. So, it should only stand to reason that Biden should also be investigated.

Enter special counsel Hur, whose job it is to decide whether the investigation is worth pursuing any further or if anything should come of it.

In his and his office’s opinion, “Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview of him, as a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Therefore, it would be unlikely that a jury would convict him.

So, no official charges should be brought against him.

Naturally, the report has caused many to question whether a man who is a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” should be leading our nation. The media coverage surrounding the controversy has been rather extensive, as it should be.

But apparently, Psaki isn’t pleased in the least with how the media is covering it. In fact, she’s pretty much outraged that so much time and effort is being spent on Biden’s apparent incompetency rather than Trump getting mouthy again.

As she sputtered on “Meet the Press, “If you’re sitting in the White House and on the campaign right now, you are absolutely banging your head against the wall at the way that the Thursday report has been covered, given all of the things that have happened this week, including… the fact that Donald Trump yesterday suggested that Vladimir Putin should have free rein in attacking NATO allies.”

So much for not being a mouthpiece, huh?

She must have forgotten she’s no longer under Biden’s employ for a second…