Recall Now Underway for Colorado Secretary of State

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If you didn’t already know, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has got to be the laughingstock of the state at this point. And now, her very job is at stake.

While initially succeeding in her efforts to get Donald Trump removed from the state’s ballot, Griswold was likely hailed as a hero to the liberal left. However, the Supreme Court’s Monday ruling reversed all that and, in so doing, made her out to be one of the state’s biggest embarrassments.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, there are now calls being made for her to either resign or be pushed out of office.

The largest one comes from Republican Representative Lauren Boebert, calling for Secretary Griswold to be recalled.

As The Hill reported, Boebert sent Griswold a particularly strong-worded letter and posted it on social media. The post began with the phrase, “@JenaGriswold, start packing your bags.” It went on to accuse her of abusing the authority of her office and failing Coloradans by attempting a political persecution of Trump rather than letting democracy play out.

Additionally, Boebert said that she is “a stain on our Republic and an outright embarrassment to Coloradans and Americans.”

To be sure, she most definitely is.

Now, for a recall to take place, Boebert, or the state of Colorado will need to acquire 621,000 signatures to even fully begin the process. Then, the state will need to actually vote.

So, while doable, there is also a chance that neither the signatures nor the vote will be enough to put Griswold out to pasture, as Boebert hopes.

You know, kind of like how a recall on California Governor Gavin Newsom succeeded in drawing attention to some of his more liberal and not redeemable qualities but was not enough to get someone better put into power.

Another problem with the recall is that it’s being spearheaded by Boebert, who is an “embarrassment” of sorts in her own right. If you didn’t know, Boebert has been entangled with a rather messy personal life as of late, including a fiery divorce and the arrests of both her estranged husband and her oldest son.

Needless to say, many of the comments on social media were more about Boebert’s personal life than the possibility of a recall.

But at least she’s doing something.