Taxpayer Dollars at Work: Maintaining a Superyacht

Jeanette Dietl /
Jeanette Dietl /

When you pay your taxes, through sales tax and through the various allocations from your paycheck, you hope that the government puts the money to good use. You know, things like road maintenance, a better education for our children, and even a stronger military.

In Biden’s America, however, tax dollars are being wasted. In fact, $20 million alone has been used to maintain a superyacht. This isn’t just any yacht, though. It was seized from a Russian oligarch in 2022. It’s worth about $300 million.

The reason the US came into possession of it is because it was seized by the US Department of Justice once the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sanctioned Suleiman Kerimov – the owner of the 348-foot superyacht.

The US government has been spending the past 22 months maintaining this incredible mode of transportation. It costs about $600,000 per month to maintain “properly.” This means fuel, a crew, and unnamed maintenance. Considering there are crew and fuel expenses, it seems that a few within the government are likely going for joy rides on this beauty, too.

There’s also a $1.7 million annual bill to keep the superyacht insured.

Now, permission is being requested to auction the superyacht. This would put money into the hands of the US Treasury Department AND avoid more taxpayer dollars being used to maintain it.

The court filing revealed, “The carrying costs for the Amadea are far from modest, and there is good cause to spare the Government and the public from bearing these costs.”

However, there’s another Russian oligarch who is saying that it is unlawful to auction the yacht. Supposedly, Eduard Khudainatov has claimed ownership of it, and since he hasn’t been sanctioned by the United States, he should be able to simply take possession of the yacht. He has even said he’s willing to pay the US back for all related maintenance costs.

There’s still a lot to be sorted out. What’s curious is that if our taxpayer dollars are being used to maintain a superyacht, what else is our hard-earned money being wasted on?