The Full AI Takeover Is Only Two Years Away

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For decades now, science fiction writers have told stories of Artificial Intelligence (AI) beings. Stories of these robots who process information and make complex calculations in nanoseconds, destroying our civilization brick by brick, were made incredibly real. While film technology made the looks of those stories appear cheesy and far-fetched, now it turns out they were largely right.

Eliezer Yudkowsky did an interview with the Guardian on February 17th about the rise of AI to control the human population. Working as an academic focused on AI, he focuses on the potential destruction of the human race. “If you put me to a wall, and forced me to put probabilities on things, I have a sense that our current remaining timeline looks more like five years than 50 years. Could be two years, could be 10.”

This “remaining timeline” is how long it takes until AI becomes fully aware and decides that humans are destroying the planet and must be stopped to preserve the planet. Much like the machines in Terminator, he is talking about an all-out war that humans cannot escape.

Back in spring 2023, Yudkowsky did an op-ed for Time magazine. In his piece, he advocated for the destruction of the computer farms that build, train, and enhance AI programming. In his direct and crisp manner, he suggested that we consider the concept of going nuclear on these data centers to prevent their reuse in the future.

In a very short time, we have gone from the notion of AI-controlled robotics building our cars to controlling armed drones with no human interaction, and it is disturbing. Across the world, we are seeing the results of this change, and the good is so far getting heavily outweighed by the bad. With the massive surge in knowledge and capabilities on their own, these AI devices could easily make short work of all people.

Now is the time to tell the liberals enough is enough. The idea of letting AI do everything will only destroy us all. Rich or poor, eventually AI won’t discriminate based on your bank accounts.