Watch: Biden Smacks His Least-Vulnerable Body Part on Marine One

Ben Von Klemperer /
Ben Von Klemperer /

Last week was terrible for Joe Biden. The report issued by Special Counsel Robert Hur revealed to the world what the rest of us already know. Joe Biden is a forgetful, senile, incompetent, bumbling old fool who wanders around in a daze all the time. The White House vehemently denied this. Then, as if to prove this point, Biden gave his head a big KER-SMACK as he was exiting Marine One.

At least he just bumped his head and not something important or useful.

The timing and the optics could not have been worse. The White House just got through claiming that Joe is spry, youthful, fit as a fiddle, and full of vigor. And then… WHACK! He doesn’t even have the depth perception or self-control to duck an extra inch when exiting a helicopter that he rides all the time.

It’s really not a bad bump, as you’ll see in the video below. We’ve all seen Joe Biden take spills that were much worse. Remember the time when he just randomly fell off his bicycle while standing still? Or the time when he tripped three times in a row while trying to navigate the staircase on Air Force One? Those were far worse.

Once again, it’s the optics and the timing that are terrible for Team Biden. They want the public to somehow believe that Joe is strong and youthful when we all see what’s really happening. Joe Biden’s hourglass is almost out of sand. He trips over large objects, randomly falls over, and shakes hands with invisible people who aren’t in the room with him.

At this rate, do you even think he will make it to the election in November?

Watch the video below as Joe Biden, once again, smacks himself in the head.