Weird Bidenflation Red Flag: Las Vegas Imposes Table Limits

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Anton27 /

It’s no surprise to anyone reading this that the inflation Joe Biden is causing is crippling entire sectors of the economy. (Except for the war sector; that’s booming with Biden in the White House.) Everything is now far more expensive than it was before the 2020 election was stolen. Inflation is actually starting to hit some strange areas of the economy where we didn’t even know it could exist. For example, casinos in Las Vegas are now imposing table limits to try to deal with Bidenflation.

If you want to hit a casino and plunk down $5 or $10 on a single game of blackjack right now, you won’t be able to. Low table limits have basically been eliminated on the Las Vegas Strip. Casinos are also imposing much worse rules for players these days.

For example, hitting blackjack used to pay out at a rate of 3:2. Now, the casinos are all paying out a 6:5 ratio. Even if you manage to win, you’re winning less money than before Joe Biden came along.

The rules of other traditional casino games are also being rewritten to win more money from the public. Roulette tables have traditionally had 18 red numbers, 18 black numbers, and one green zero where the house wins. Tables today suddenly have three green zeroes, which effectively triples the casino’s odds of winning your money.

Pass Casino in Henderson, right outside of Las Vegas, along with many Caesar Entertainment casinos, has been eliminating table games altogether to cut down on labor costs. Gamblers can only find things like slot machines, which don’t require a human employee, in these casinos.

Casinos seemed like a repression-proof business since they basically just take people’s money away. “The house always wins,” as the saying goes. It looks like they might not be so recession-proof after all, so long as Joe Biden remains in office.