White House Caught in Huge Lie When DOJ Fact Checks Migrant Drowning Story

Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock.com
Andrea Izzotti / shutterstock.com

It’s another day, and so another White House lie has presented itself. But this time, Biden’s own Department of Justice just fact-checked it and proved them wrong.

It happened on Friday when it was discovered that a migrant woman and her two children had drowned in the Rio Grande while trying to cross over illegally into the US. Naturally, the Biden White House, along with mainstream media and Democratic congressional members, have all pointed the finger, and so the blame, to Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his newly emboldened Texas Military Department.

They claim that Abbott’s TMD blocked Biden’s Border Patrol from coming in and saving these drowning migrants, resulting in their deaths.

As Democratic Representative of Texas Henry Cuellar incorrectly claimed and posted, “This is a tragedy, and the State (of Texas) bears responsibility.”

Just as naturally, left-leaning and biased media outlets ran with the story – apparently without fact-checking it.

Because, as Abbott and later Biden’s own DOJ pointed out, it seems Cuellar and anyone else purporting the allegations that Abbott’s TMD was to blame “forgot to get the facts” first.

As Abbott posted on X, “When (Border Patrol) requested access to river the drowning had already occurred & (victims were) found in (Mexico).”

Later, a TMD news release said, “Claims that TMD prevented Border Patrol from saving the lives of the drowning migrants are wholly inaccurate.”

They explained that while Border Patrol had been banned from the area where the drownings occurred, Border Patrol didn’t even know about the possible drownings until afterward. According to both TMD records and that of Border Patrol, the two agencies had been working in direct contact with each other all of Friday.

Apparently, two others had drowned in the river not far from the area. When Border Patrol learned of these, they wanted to make sure no one else was in distress or drowning. Unfortunately, they didn’t even ask for permission on the area until about an hour after the woman and her children drowned.

So TMD was not blocking Border Patrol from assisting; they were working with them. They just got there too late.

Additionally, the statements said that TMD “remained engaged with lights, night vision goggles, and thermals to ensure that no additional migrants were in the river or in distress.”

Does that sound like a department that just lets people drown on their watch, knowingly, at least? Not at all.

As Abbott correctly says, the drownings, if anyone’s fault, are Biden’s, as he has unwisely invited anyone who wants to come into our nation illegally. And by not finishing the wall or securing our borders, he’s created a multitude of unsafe passageways for these surging migrants.

Perhaps if Biden were actually worried about our border security and the protection of the nation, these people would still be alive. At least then, they wouldn’t be encouraged to cross a raging river in the middle of winter, all at the behest of an octogenarian who can’t even remember where he is.

The fact of the matter is Abbott and his Texas Military Department are doing all they can, to keep their state safe and to secure the border, a job they shouldn’t have to do. But because of Biden’s lack of interest, they are being forced to take matters into their own hands.

Good for them.