Woke Madness: ‘Genderqueer Witch’ Surveys Kids About Sex, Parents Left in the Dark!

Yeexin Richelle / shutterstock.com
Yeexin Richelle / shutterstock.com

A Pennsylvania high school confessed on Monday that it allowed a “genderqueer witch” to survey students on sexual topics without notifying parents after previously accusing parents of spreading “misinformation” about the initiative. This revelation comes from documents shared with The Daily Wire.

Parents in the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, had raised concerns about Unionville High School inviting Deni Tobin, the self-described “genderqueer witch,” to speak to first-year students about dating violence last year. Initially, when parents questioned the presentation and the speaker’s background, the school dismissed their concerns as “misinformation.”

This year, the issue resurfaced when local parent Chad Williams discovered that Tobin had also administered a sex-themed survey to students. These surveys probed into the students’ gender identities and experiences with sexual pressure.

On Monday, Unionville High School Principal Amy Jenkins admitted in a letter to Williams that the surveys, conducted by the Chester County Crime Victims Center (CVC), were administered without the required parental consent. Jenkins acknowledged that the school’s survey policy had been breached and that parental notification was not provided, as mandated by the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment.

Jenkins assured that staff had been reminded of district policy requirements regarding surveys. She also noted that a former principal, who is no longer with the district, had granted permission for the CVC to conduct the surveys.

In response, Williams questioned whether disciplinary actions would be taken due to these policy violations. “Your letter does not mention any remedial or disciplinary action the District will take for these serious violations of school policy, state, and federal law,” Williams wrote. He pointed out inconsistencies, highlighting that students were reportedly asked to use the last four digits of their cell phone numbers for the surveys despite claims that no identifying information was collected.

Williams discovered these surveys while preparing an educator misconduct complaint against District Superintendent John Sanville. Williams claims the district has obstructed his efforts for full transparency. Adding fuel to the fire, Sanville’s wife labeled the parental concerns as “fake news” on a social media post from the Chester County Republican Party. However, she needed to specify what part of the report was inaccurate.

The district clarified that these surveys were part of a ninth-grade health class from 2017-2023 and stated that they no longer collaborate with the CVC for presentations or surveys. However, they have not disclosed why the relationship ended.

Parents remain frustrated and demand answers about the content of Tobin’s presentation and the vetting process. Tobin’s social media, rife with witch-themed and sexually explicit material, including topless photos, raises further questions.

Despite repeated requests, the school district has not provided any comments.