Wow: 28 Jump Cuts and Two Typos in Joe Biden’s Latest Video

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Drop of Light /

The White House just issued an attack ad against President Donald Trump, and it’s worth noticing several things about it. We’re not just talking about the raging incompetence that this regime has become known for. Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline is on full display in this ad. Here’s why.

Biden stands in front of the camera for two minutes to attack Donald Trump in this ad. As you watch the ad below, count the number of times that the camera angle changes. When recording an ad like this, if the person speaking—or, in this case, reading a teleprompter—messes up, the director and camera operator tell the speaker to start over.

When the speaker starts over, they switch to a different camera angle. They do this because it’s impossible for a human being to stay in the exact position, frame-by-frame when recording multiple takes. By switching to a new camera angle, it creates the illusion that the speaker delivered the full two-minute speech uninterrupted. It’s known as a “jump cut” when the speaker messes up and switches to a different camera angle.

There are 28 jump cuts in this video, which means that Joe Biden messed up and had to start over 28 times while carrying out the simple task of READING for two minutes. It’s no wonder they never let him out in public to answer questions these days. Even in this recorded video, where they’re trying to paint Biden in the best possible light, his slurred speech is nearly incomprehensible at times.

Also, despite the fact that this is a message from the White House that your tax dollars paid for, the ad has two typos in it. So, you can also check spelling off the list of basic skills that the fat diversity hires at the White House do not have.