Anti-Migrant Arson Turns Out to Be a Hoax

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In most parts of the world, hate crimes are viewed are unacceptable, as they should be. But as one recent example proves, one should never jump to conclusions in haste.

This story comes from the town of Wachterbach in Hesse, Germany. Here, a family home burned down on Christmas Day – a tragedy, to be sure. This was only made worse when it seemed that the fire was an example of anti-migrant hate.

You see, the family who owned the home were Pakistani. Furthermore, the words “Foreigner Out” had been written on the now burned walls, according to reports by authorities.

Naturally, a hate crime investigation began.

Also, and just as naturally, the political left in the area rose. It immediately began making statements, not only condemning the act in itself but also the entire right wing.

Left-wing politicians called the act “right-wing extremism.” Deputy chairwoman of the Green party in parliament, Martina Feldmayer, said, “The slogans discovered on the walls are despicable and inciting. Anyone who commits such deeds attacks our whole society.”

Similarly, chairwoman of the Left party, Janine Wissler, said the entire “breeding ground that favors the right-wing violence: the strengthening of the right and racist incitement against people with a migration background and refugees” needs to be condemned.

Indeed, if this act were actually a hate crime, it should be condemned. Extremism and violence, no matter what side it comes from, should be extinguished.

But it seems, as usual, the political left jumped the gun a bit.

As local authorities, including the mayor, reminded the public, an investigation into the fire was ongoing. Therefore, no assumptions should be made and conclusions jumped to until it is finished.

They were right to say such…

As Bild recently reported, the investigation of the fire is now complete. And the results show that the entire thing was a hoax.

It turns out that the Pakistani homeowner had fresh burns on his hands despite claims that he was not at home when the fire began.

The German outlet concluded, “The Hanau public prosecutors office is certain: the family themselves set the fire and wanted to lead the police on the wrong track with Nazi slogans.”

This is a case of nothing more than insurance fraud, as it was later admitted that the family was seeking insurance money from the fire.

Unfortunately, thanks to left-wing mouthpieces too quick to make assumptions, the entire public is now left in an agitated state. Of course, these left-wing nuts also made quite a fool of themselves.

Maybe next time, they will hold their judgment until after all the facts have been discovered.

I’m not holding my breath. How about you?