Biden Is Actively Covering Up Hundreds of US Troops He Is Abandoning in Niger

Millenius /
Millenius /

It’s strange what the mainstream media won’t tell you. While frequently discussing the US not being at war, they brush over the 1,000+ troops stationed in Niger.

They are stuck between a militia-controlled government that doesn’t want them in the country and President Biden insisting that we maintain a presence there but also can’t restock their medical supplies. According to a report from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Biden is essentially abandoning them.

“Our troops are currently sitting on a powder keg caused by political indecision at the top of the Department of State and Department of Defense. With a military junta in charge — who detests our presence and considers us unserious and predatory — the situation seems to be setting the groundwork for catastrophic diplomatic collapse like we saw during the 2012 Benghazi attack. Additionally, these troops are already running short on necessary, life-saving supplies, such as blood and medications. They are, in effect, hostages of an indecisive Commander-in-Chief.”

Comprised of intel Gaetz and his representatives gathered by speaking to those stationed there, it raises a huge red flag for the Biden administration. The population consists of a mixture of Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard troops. With the Air National Guard and Active Army Special Forces taking a front-seat role, this is a very active base. Before the militia takeover, this was one of the biggest installations for anti-terrorism in West Africa.

With no replacements coming in, troops cannot leave. Mail and medical supplies are prevented from landing. Needless to say, this kills morale and makes an already tense situation worse. Contractors are in danger of being thrown out as visas expire and cannot be renewed. Much like the troops, new arrivals aren’t permitted to come in, so they, too, are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Troops who require prescriptions are now running low, and since they are not allowed to share by law, many will go without. That could become an incredibly dangerous situation in a short time unless something is worked out. Senior officials have downplayed or outright ignored the situation. It’s a real shame that Biden once again wants to abandon the troops and not make them any kind of priority unless he is comparing them to his son.