Big Brother EU Safety Tech Will Prevent All New Cars from Speeding


Starting on July 6, most motorists across the EU will no longer be able to speed. That’s because a new Big Brother law from the EU goes into effect, which makes “intelligent speed assistance” mandatory on all passenger cars. If you try to speed in your vehicle with this technology installed, the car will beep, vibrate, or automatically slow down—whether you like it or not.

This won’t just apply to all new cars sold in the EU. People with existing cars are required to get the tech installed. Drivers will have the option to switch the technology off every day. However, the method to do that isn’t easily accessible for most people.

The tyrants requiring the tech hope that people will get sick of disabling it every day (it resets on its own every night), so they’ll just give up and surrender to living with it. This is yet another weasel move by the globalists to try to force everyone into electric cars.

People currently enjoy the freedom to purchase sports cars based on their speed and horsepower. But if a new Camaro fitted with a hefty V8 can’t break the speed limit anyway, what’s the point of having one? You may as well buy any old bucket of bolts in that case—or any old electric car that they want to force you to own.

The intelligent speed assistance (ISA) tech includes a front-facing camera that can recognize speed signs in the EU. It’s also fitted with GPS mapping data, so the car always knows the speed limit for the area where you’re driving around. The result will be less choice and freedom for consumers, and more government control over every aspect of their lives.