Joe Biden Treats Non-Christian Holidays with Dignity and Respect

Jonah Elkowitz /
Jonah Elkowitz /

Alleged “Catholic” Joe Biden shocked the world by declaring Easter Sunday, the holiest day of the year on the Christian calendar, as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” He even signed a proclamation making it official. For anyone who doubts that this insult was intentional, let’s review the way that Joe Biden treats other religious holidays and celebrations.

Just last month, Biden declared the following as Ramadan got underway:

“Tonight – as the new crescent moon marks the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan – Jill and I extend our best wishes and prayers to Muslims across our country and around the world.”

Here’s what Joe Biden said about Hannukah in December:

“Lighting the menorah is a reminder to hold on to the miracles of hope and faith. Because when we do, no night is so dark that we can’t find the light. Happy Hannukah!”

Even for Kwanzaa, which is a fake holiday made up by an FBI informant, Biden had nice things to say:

“As we begin the seven days of Kwanzaa, Jill and I send our best wishes to everyone celebrating. May this time of reflection on the rich heritage of African American culture bring peace, unity, and joy.”

As you can see, Joe Biden is capable of treating some religions with dignity and respect when he wants to. But the modern Democrat Party hates Christianity more today than it ever has in the past. So, instead of a short and sweet proclamation honoring Easter, Joe Biden and his handlers decided to insult the holiday and every Christian in America by making it all about the Democrat Party’s weird anal fetish.

It’s worth reflecting on why the Democrats hate and fear the Christian faith so much. They don’t treat any other religion this way and there is a reason for that.