Study Shows Crime Stats the Left Doesn’t Want You to See

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Prath /

Thanks to the tragedy of 9/11, thousands around the world immediately became fearful of Muslims and the entire Islamic world. Now, we know that, for the most part, those fears are unfounded. As with any demographic, we cannot and should not judge the entire group based on the actions of a small and radicalized group of them.

Then again, a study from Denmark shows that maybe there is more reason to fear than previously believed.

In 2020, Denmark’s Minister of Immigration and Integration defiantly created a category for criminals of Middle Eastern and North African descent, which are mostly Arab and/or Muslim nations. Naturally, the political left despised the move.

However, in creating the MENA category, the nation learned a very valuable thing.

You see, doing so proved that MENA immigrants, and mostly men, tended far more to be 1) unemployed and 2) participate in violent crime than any other ethnic group found in Denmark.

As I said, the left flipped out a bit over both the categorization and the study results. They claimed that Muslims were once again being “singled out.” Others suggested it was akin to giving “them a little symbol to stitch on their clothes, so we can keep an eye on them.”

Just as naturally, Muslims in Denmark noted their “frustration” at being “stigmatized” for being unemployable or violent.

But the fact is, the facts don’t lie.

This is particularly true when looking at rape statistics, both in Denmark and other European nations. In fact, rape has gotten so bad in nations such as Denmark that it’s said to have a “rape culture.” Hell, they even began to sponsor classes in the country to teach Muslim men that rape is not an acceptable thing in Western culture.

Unfortunately, this goes against what the Qur’an says, which allows the “sexual enslavement of infidel women.”

So, thanks to the power of the political left, nations such as Denmark have largely chosen to ignore the prevalent rapes in order to not seem racist or Islamophobic.

But that doesn’t change the facts, does it?