’60 Minutes’ Catches Illegal Chinese Migrants Pouring into California

Chad Zuber / shutterstock.com
Chad Zuber / shutterstock.com

We all know the situation at our southern border is pretty bad. But now, even CBS shows like ’60 Minutes’ are taking note.

Of course, it’s hard not to when camera crews catch illegal immigrants knowingly and confidently entering the US through gaps in the fence that border private property.

According to the show, the crew was in San Diego recently, filming along the border. Naturally, the border is a big topic for just about everyone right now. What the film crew was not expecting to find was first-hand evidence of just how many illegals are making their way through on a daily basis and how easy it is for them.

What they were most blown away by was the fact that a growing number of these migrants are Chinese.

As CBS reporter Sharyn Alfonsi noted, “We were surprised to see the number of people coming through from China, nearly 7,000 miles away.”

Per the crew, groups of about 20 or so Chinese migrants would be dropped off near the border fence by SUVs driven by smugglers. This happened about every 30 minutes or so. The migrants would then walk the short distance from the fence to a slight gap next to private property where the only obstacle was a bit of razor wire they could duck under.

Even more alarming is that an armed Border Patrol agent was only about 25 feet away. And yet, he did nothing to hinder these Chinese illegals from stepping foot in America.

As Alfonsi reported, the number of migrating Chinese has grown more than 50 times in just the last two years, to 37,000 last year.

Furthermore, it’s not like Border Patrol even has the authority to do anything about it. They can arrest or detain the illegals, but only after they get onto US soil. Now, they can close that gap. But according to Alfonsi’s source, it’s one of many on a long list of priorities, and it demands more money from Congress.

Needless to say, the whole thing is a complete mess and only getting worse, thanks to Joe Biden’s disastrous policies. Even CBS is admitting it now.