AstraZeneca Has Vaccine Yanked From the Market Across the Globe

Michael Vi /
Michael Vi /

Oxford-AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine has been on the ropes for the last few months after admitting their vaccine has a rare but potentially deadly side effect. Now, AstraZeneca is pulling its COVID vaccine offering from the market, and they expect people to believe they are taking it down due to commercial problems.

First taking down their COVID “marketing authorization” across the European Union, AstraZeneca will also yank the vaccine from shelves in the UK and other nations shortly. Surprisingly, they never got to sneak authorization through here in the US. Thankfully, that means even the dumbest of Americans have been safe from this one.

AstraZeneca was forced to admit in court documents that, in rare instances, Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome (TTS) occurred with their version of a COVID vaccine. Causing blood clots and low platelets as a result, the UK alone has had 81 deaths due to these side effects, plus hundreds more were injured, according to The Telegraph. Britain’s High Court is hearing a case of 51 plaintiffs seeking £100 million ($125,278,000) in damages from AstraZeneca.

With the British government administering the AstraZeneca vaccine over 50 million times to its people as of the latter part of 2021, it’s a wonder they didn’t have more problems. At the first signs of issues, British authorities quickly replaced it with Pfizer and Moderna editions, having them dominating their market by winter time.

These shots from AstraZeneca were also incredibly popular with the United Nations. At a cost savings over other brands, they made it easier to get more done with less capital.

In rebuttal to the case, AstraZeneca has maintained its smug outlook on the vaccine. Proudly bragging they were able to save 6.5 million people in a year, and three billion jabs passed out around the world, they truly believe in what they are doing. Yet now none of the scientists, doctors, or immunologists believe in AstraZeneca. Instead, they now know what the rest of us knew all along- the vaccine was designed to kill us. Not all of us, just small sections, jab by jab.