Chicago Authorities Put Glock in the Crosshairs

Vitezslav Malina /
Vitezslav Malina /

Watching liberals blame everyone but criminals for crime is sweeping the country. From coast to coast, these blue cities and states have been passing the buck and blaming law-abiding citizens for wanting to protect themselves. Now, the Mayor of Chicago, Democrat Brandon Johnson, is going after the gun manufacturers themselves, and his sights are set on Glock. Filing a lawsuit against them, he claims Glock’s modifiable pistol is to blame for crime and murder.

Commenting on the suit, he said, “The City of Chicago is encountering a deadly new frontier in the gun violence plaguing our communities because of the increase of fully automatic Glocks on our streets. Selling firearms that can so easily be converted into automatic weapons makes heinous acts even more deadly, so we are doing everything we can in collaboration with others committed to ending gun violence to hold Glock accountable for putting profits over public safety.”

In a separate press report, the mayor’s press office claims over 1,100 modified Glocks were recovered in the last two years. Ascertaining they had been modified into machine guns, his office says these guns were responsible for the surge in “homicides, aggravated assaults, batteries, kidnappings, burglaries, home invasions, carjackings, and attempted robberies.” A message that has little teeth to it, they claim that the easy modifications to Glock’s pistols make them a liability.

Filed under Illinois’s Firearms Industry Responsibility Act, which Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) signed into law in 2023, they hope it has enough teeth to take down Glock.

Easily adaptable firearms are nothing new, nor is it something only available with Glock’s offerings. Smith & Wesson, Beretta, Colt, and other pistol makers feature these traits. Singling the Austrian manufacturer out is a criminal action and has no place in our American justice system. Instead, Chicago’s elected officials should be going after the criminals and doing so with an iron fist.

This lawsuit isn’t going to bring back the dead kids or heal the broken families that result from the gang-based crime in Chicago. All it will do is make money for the liberal lawyers who work on it.