Confirmed: Navalny Died from a Vax-Induced Blood Clot – He Wasn’t Murdered

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Every bloodthirsty neocon from Hillary Clinton to Lindsay Graham must have been upset this week as the Ukrainian government admitted that Alexei Navalny died from sort of natural causes. That doesn’t fit the narrative! Navalny is supposed to be a noble political dissident who was murdered in prison by the Evil Hitler Dictator of Evil Vladimir Putin. He wasn’t supposed to just die!

Navalny, of course, was not some noble political dissident. He was a spy and a terrorist who was arrested for treason against Russia. He was caught on video demanding $10 to $20 million from a British spy to carry out a color revolution to topple the elected government of Russia. It’s not like Navalny was ever some valid political opponent of Vladimir Putin’s.

Democrats, neocons, and the mainstream media seized on Navalny’s death in a Russian prison last week and tried to make it a political football. Navalny was murdered by Putin, they all said simultaneously and with great seriousness, and therefore, Americans should sacrifice trillions of additional dollars in Ukraine.

Russian doctors who performed the autopsy on Navalny announced that he wasn’t murdered. Instead, Navalny died from a blood clot that was induced by the Pfizer COVID vaccine.

The neocons all cried that this was absurd while demanding full-scale war with Russia because the evil Putin had obviously murdered Alexei Navalny. This week, however, Ukrainian intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov confirmed to reporters that the Russian doctors were correct. Navalny died from a blood clot induced by the COVID vaccine. Nobody murdered him unless you want to get technical and say that Pfizer murdered him.

Here’s Ukraine’s intel chief breaking the bad news to all the people who want to start World War III: