Conservatives Blow as They Realize New Border Deal is “Even Worse” Than Expected

By now, you’ve heard all about the chaos at America’s southern border, as it’s been going on for quite some time now. As such, Congress has been trying to come up with a solution for a while, too.

On Sunday, an official deal was made and introduced in the Senate. But it’s clear the deal is not nearly as “bipartisan” as its supporters claim.

In fact, it’s been said by most that it’s “even worse than we expected.”

Known as the Senate Border Bill, the 370-page measure seeks to enact the automatic expulsion of illegals, as well as the denial of asylum for all illegal crossers should the weekly number of border crossings reach 5,000.

To be sure, the immediate deportation of migrants, as well as no more asylum applicants, sounds like a good idea at present. But only when you discount the conditional that at least 5,000 migrants a week need to get here first.

As House Majority Leader Steve Scalise wrote in an X post, this basically just attracts “more illegal immigration,” at least up until that 5,000 mark is reached. And that’s precisely why he insists, “The Senate Border Bill will NOT receive a vote in the House.”

of course, Scalise is far from the only congressional member who opposes the bill outright.

Take House Speaker Mike Johnson, for instance. A fellow Republican and Louisianian, Johnson agrees with Scalise about the bill, noting that it will “be dead on arrival” in the House.

Johnson also pointed out that true to Connecticut Senator and Democrat Chris Murphy’s own admission, the bill basically means the “border never closes.”

Naturally, that’s a rather terrifying and unsustainable idea.

As you likely know, the border is in such chaos because, thanks to Biden’s open invitation to ‘come one, come all’ to the United States, some 2.5 million illegal crossers have been apprehended in the last year alone, according to Border Patrol data.

And those are just the ones we know about. It is estimated that thousands more migrants make it into the US each year without being seen. These people come from all over, all walks of life, and all end up being a strain on our already strained economy and resources (another Biden failure). Many are criminals, some are sickly, and all take valuable and much-needed resources away from hard-working Americans.

And yet, Biden’s advocates in the Senate, like Murphy, think we should only allow more in before we do anything about it?

Additionally, Murphy would have a “brand new right to legal representation for all immigrants. Remember when Trump denied lawyers to victims of the Muslim ban? Never again.”

This is just one more in a rather long list of Murphy’s that would only add to the disaster of our border security and immigration policies, not fix them.

As Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah says, “The border deal is even worse than we thought. No one who cares about our border security should support it. It is a betrayal of the American people.”

JD Vance, a Senator from Ohio who is said to be on Trump’s shortlist for VP choices, stated, “I can see why Chris Murphy supports it. I cannot imagine why any Republican supports this atrocious proposal.”

To be clear, the very few Republicans who have shown it some support or at least consideration are those like Mitch McConnell, a known RINO, and man not in support of real Americans but simply more power.

According to McConnell and Oklahoma Republican James Lankford, Biden might be to blame for the border’s current state, but this bill could be part of the solution, making it worthy of “careful consideration.”

But even that doesn’t amount to a strong advocacy for the bill.

I have to say Scalise and Johnson sound more accurate by the second; there’s no way this bill is going anywhere but the trash.