Illegal Aliens in NYC Just Hit the Welfare Jackpot

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

Illegal aliens who have ended up in New York City may have just hit the welfare jackpot, thanks to Mayor Eric Adams’s latest terrible idea. Adams just awarded a no-bid contract to a local bank to administer a program in which every illegal alien will get a pre-paid debit card, courtesy of the taxpayers, with up to $10,000 on it.

Not everyone is happy about this plan, though, including the New York City Council. The council members are calling for an investigation into how and why Adams awarded that contract without bids. Adams says the program will cost the taxpayers $53 million and will provide every illegal alien with $1,000 per month to spend on food for the next ten months.

The mayor says that this will be cheaper than handing the illegal aliens pre-made food that’s been prepared by local restaurants or service groups. That’s true. The picky beggars tend to throw tons of food away every single day if it’s not to their liking.

The details of the program still don’t explain why Mayor Adams awarded the contract to Mobility Capital Finance. Adams claims he chose the bank because it is minority owned. Others think there could be a more nefarious reason though, such as Adams having a personal relationship with the bank’s president or receiving campaign funds from the bank.

Councilmember Gale Brewer slammed the plan, stating, “I think you should bid it out to see who would do the best job at the best cost for taxpayers.”

Disincentivizing work by getting illegal aliens addicted to welfare handouts is the worst possible strategy for solving New York’s problems. Yet that seems to be the strategy of the Democrat Party when it comes to the illegal alien crisis.

There is a possible silver lining, however. If the Democrats keep signing the illegals up for all these government cash handout programs, it will make it that much easier for President Trump to locate them and deport them starting next year.