Video: Joe Biden Literally Forgets His Own Name

The American people have no idea who is really running the country right now. The only thing we can say for certain is that it can’t possibly be Joe Biden. Between the massive amounts of drugs they have to pump into him to keep him barely lucid for brief public appearances and the way that he’s constantly forgetting the names of people standing right in front of him, it’s incredibly embarrassing for the country. But it couldn’t get worse from here, right?

Oh, yes, it could. And it just did.

We’ve all seen those weird moments when Joe Biden has those terrible “senior moments.” He claims that he had meetings recently with world leaders who have been dead for many years. He asks if so-and-so is in the crowd at public events, even though so-and-so died a long time ago. He’s even mistaken his sister for his wife.

The media thinks we’re all stupid and constantly tries to cover for him, but everyone sees through it.

“It’s just Joe Biden’s stutter! Why are you bigoted against people with minor speech impediments like Joe, you MAGA racist?!”

One of the ways his handlers try to keep him on track is by having him repeat certain phrases over and over again in public. One of those phrases is, “I give you my word as a Biden!”

While giving a dishonest and gaslighting speech on the economy on Tuesday, Biden attempted to use that phrase again. It didn’t go well. He did not give the crowd his word as a “Biden.”

Instead, he appears to tell them that he gives them his word as a tray. At least, that’s what it sounds like. Check it out, and you can judge for yourself—is Joe Biden giving us his word as a tray?