While there have been signs that President Joe Biden was doing a horrible job since he took office, he always managed to stay a little better than last. According to a Gallup poll, he has officially made it to the bottom of the barrel. Returning just a 38.7% approval rating in his 13th quarter in office, he now has the lowest approval rating in American history.

As Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons would say, WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

Returning approval numbers like this between January 20th and April 19th is solid confirmation that this election season, he is less likely to win a reelection bid. Historically, a sitting President would need no less than a 50% approval rating to win their campaign. As Gallup reported, “Jimmy Carter is the only other president with a sub-50% average in his 13th quarter. Three of the four prior presidents who had 13th-quarter approval averages below 50% lost their reelection bids, with Obama the exception.”

Naturally, the liberals are quick to point out that his former boss was that exception, so Biden can still do it. But let’s face facts here- Biden isn’t Obama. Even with his horrendous politics that put us on this disastrous course we are dealing with now, Obama had charisma. People liked seeing him on TV, and when he gave a speech, he sounded and looked Presidential. He might have been lying through his teeth, but he looked the damn part.

When Biden gets up to speak, it’s painful. Even when reading scripted remarks, his facial cues are reminiscent of looking inside bingo night at a Florida retirement home. He gets lost, confused, and scared when he’s up there. Already ruled too mentally incompetent to be responsible for his decisions, he never should have taken office in the first place.

As beautiful as it is to see Biden obliterate the Democratic party from the inside out while they set the stage to lose the 2024 election, it’s shameful to see the nation going with it. He’s destroying our population, our borders, the economy, as well as housing and job markets. Truly the only groups he is helping are the ones Nany Pelosi and other insider trading officials have stock in.