Watch: Internet Hero Invades ‘Queer Fat Club’ Zoom Call


An internet hero named Jo went viral last week when he managed to invade a Zoom call of something called the Queer Fat Club. The Queer Fat Club is apparently an organization for lesbians on the road to diabetes. Jo is a young man who probably weighs no more than 120 pounds soaking wet. Hilarity ensued.

The Queer Fat Club and groups like it are offshoots of the bizarre “body positivity” movement. This movement seeks to upset the natural standards of beauty in Western civilization by forcing everyone to pretend that morbidly obese women are attractive.

The movement is an insult to anyone who appreciates real beauty and a danger to women who fall for its false premise. Being morbidly obese is not beautiful—it’s an early death sentence from heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, COPD, or other chronic health problems that result from it.

Jo’s performance once he infiltrated the Queer Fat Club was nothing short of brilliant. We’re amazed that he was able to keep a straight face as he argued that he identifies as a 275-pound queer who uses the pronouns he/they.

To her credit, one of the Queer Fat Club members can barely keep herself from laughing at Jo’s audacity. He quickly calls her out for making fun of his assumed identity. The entire performance was worthy of at least an Oscar nomination, if not an outright award, for Best Actor. It’s a nice reminder that not all heroes wear capes.

Watch as Jo infiltrates the Queer Fat Club: