Marianne Williamson Restarts Her Campaign Because Biden is Doing So Awful

Sheila Fitzgerald /
Sheila Fitzgerald /

Joe Biden performed so poorly in the Michigan Democratic primary on Tuesday that perennial candidate Marianne Williamson suddenly decided to jump back into the race. Enthusiasm for Biden is so low that Williamson now thinks that she is the Chosen One who will be able to vanquish what she calls the “juggernaut of dark, dark vision” (Donald Trump).

If you think back to the 2020 primaries, the “woo woo” occultist Williamson didn’t even make it to the primaries, although she outlasted Kamala Harris. This time around, she made it until the Nevada primary before suspending her campaign.

Something interesting happened in Michigan, though, which highlights just how vulnerable Joe Biden is. Despite not being on the ballot, Williamson drew 3% of the vote. Biden only drew a paltry 623,415 votes—almost 150,000 votes fewer than Donald Trump and nearly 400,000 votes less than Trump’s total would have been if Nikki Haley would just shut up and go away.

More than 100,000 Democrat primary voters chose “Uncommitted” for their candidate. That was about 13.3% of the vote total on Tuesday for the Democrats. While it certainly wouldn’t have put Williamson over the top, she believes that so many Democrats are so dissatisfied with Joe Biden that they’d be willing to vote for someone who believes she can heal headaches with crystals.

In the video announcing her reentry into the race, Williamson slammed Joe Biden’s disastrous economy:

“What is he saying beyond ‘You know, the economy’s really doing well.’ Are you kidding me? For whom?”

Here is Williamson’s announcement that she’s in this thing to win it: