Michigan Wants Homeowners To Take in Illegals for $500 a Month

fizkes / shutterstock.com
fizkes / shutterstock.com

Coming up with ideas for what to do with all the illegals showing up at the southern border claiming “asylum” has become a massive problem. As many of them are being resettled away from the border, officials in self-declared sanctuary cities are struggling to find places to house them. While places like NYC and Chicago have ample hotels, motels, and apartment buildings that have vacancies, they are filling up quickly, and their Democrat Mayors are scrambling for answers.

With Michigan now starting to receive more of the illegals (or, in their terminology, “refugees”), state officials have an idea to solve the problem. The “Newcomer Rental Subsidy” is designed to provide homeowners with $500 per month for taking them in. Per the state’s website, “Refugees, Asylees, Special Immigration Visa (SIV), Victims of Human Trafficking, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Afghan Nationals, and Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees,” are the people eligible for the subsidy.

Additionally, “Other immigration statuses include individuals who arrived under the Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan (CHNV) program; individuals who arrived under the Family Reunification Parole Process for El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia, individuals with a pending asylum application, and other immigrant individuals on a case-by-case scenario.”

This whole idea would have been simplified by simply saying, “No citizens allowed.” Even though the hardworking and largely blue-collar people of Michigan work hard for their money and should be keeping it for their residents, the liberal uprising is spending it for them. The kind of money the state is allocating to this could help rebuild a lot of the state and do more for its people.

Instead, people like Amy Hovey, executive director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, think it’s best spent for illegals to chase the American dream on a taxpayer dime. What she calls a “win-win” everyone else in America knows is a lose-lose. Hopefully, the people of Michigan wake up and put an end to this fever dream of an idea.