500,000+ Democrats Have Cast Primary Votes Against Joe Biden

Studio Romantic / shutterstock.com
Studio Romantic / shutterstock.com

According to the leftwing news magazine The Nation, some 530,502 registered Democrats have voted for “uncommitted” rather than for Joe Biden in the Democrat presidential primary. That’s remarkable when you consider the fact that the “uncommitted” movement didn’t even exist before the start of primary voting.

The “uncommitted” initiative was started by Democrats who are outraged by Joe Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza war. It was first implemented in Michigan, where many of the state’s Arabs and Muslims voted “uncommitted” in the primary rather than casting their ballots for Biden. The movement drew more than 100,000 votes in that state.

The reason why this should be a huge worry for the Biden campaign is because “uncommitted” has been gaining enough votes in every state to assign delegates to the Democrats’ national convention later this year. So far, the movement has gained delegates in Minnesota (14), Hawaii (7), Michigan (2), and Washington (2).

If it gains enough delegates, it could cause major headaches for the Democrat Party. In the Wisconsin primary last week, “uncommitted” received 48,091 votes. That should have everyone’s head spinning in the Biden campaign. Joe Biden’s (fake and stolen) margin of victory in Wisconsin in 2020 was just 20,682 (fabricated) votes.

The thing about the “uncommitted” voters is that they are vowing not to vote for Joe Biden under any circumstances unless he changes direction on his Israel-Gaza policy. Given the fact that the Democrats were only able to steal the 2020 election by fewer than 50,000 ballots in a handful of blue counties, this movement has to be giving them fits.

This isn’t some fake movement like Bernie Sanders’ alleged “socialism,” where the Democrats always knew Bernie would fall in line with the party at the convention. These people are serious and they’re not going to vote for Joe Biden.