Coasties Stop 16 Cubans Trying To Reach the Florida Keys

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It’s not often that the Coast Guard makes the news for making a stop in the waters that doesn’t involve narcotics trafficking.

Recently, a good Samaritan spotted a boat floating off the coast of Key West and alerted the Coast Guard to their presence and their suspicions that this was a migrant boat. Responding with the Cutter Charles David Jr. they intercepted the craft and took in the 16 Cubans from their horrific conditions on the harsh sea. Giving them food, water, shelter, and basic medical care, they helped ensure their safety as a top priority. Repatriating them back to Cuba, their mission was a complete success.

In the press release, LT Matthew Miller with the Coast Guard’s Seventh District said, “The Coast Guard’s primary mission is to preserve human life at sea. The maritime environment is inherently dangerous. The Coast Guard and our HSTF-SE partners are committed to preventing unsafe voyages at sea and enforcing U.S. immigration laws and regulations. Do not take to the sea.”

As he also detailed, since FY 2024 started on October 1st, the Coast Guard has repatriated 348 migrants back to Cuba. While this sounds like a small number when compared to our Southern Border, it represents only a small percentage of the number of crafts that successfully arrive in the US. While LT Miller is right, and these waters are incredibly dangerous, the fear of staying under Castro’s rule is far deeper for them.

Maybe we should try putting the Coast Guard on the southern border. It seems like their leadership is more than capable of catching the cartel members sneaking drugs into this country and sending illegals back home.