Illegals in San Diego Get $39 Million in Emergency Funding As They Step Over Homeless Americans

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As first reported by 10-News San Diego, the County of San Diego and the Catholic Diocese is getting roughly $19.6 million from the Department of Homeland Security. Provided to fund illegals’ existence for years while they wait on an asylum hearing, this money won’t go very far or last very long. As the county board looks to open a new and larger immigrant transition center, the one they previously had opened shuttered in February due to a lack of funding.

This funding joins another almost $10 million in various federal programs for strengthening the border, supporting various endeavors to support the life and well-being of the illegals, and funding religious-based charities.

District Five Supervisor Jim Desmond is upset with the surge in funding. As he explains it, the funding isn’t going where it needs to be. “I’d rather see that money have gone towards securing the border and making sure the border patrol stops people or we only allow enough people in that we can manage.”

For him, this isn’t a new fight either. Back in September, he pled for change. “We’re not the immigration department. We don’t have these types of resources available. The best cure would be, when we’re at capacity, stop letting people in for a while. We need a better system. Our immigration system has failed. It is broken. This is not the way to run an immigration system.”

He’s right, too. Throwing money at the situation without addressing the root cause of the problem, there will be no change in this surge of illegal immigration. Instead, the nation will keep having them show up, and all of them will expect the same freebies and meal tickets the other illegals have been handed. Closing up the entrance ramp for a little bit would be a step in the right direction.